What is the St8 of The Heart?

        For ages diverse traditions passed down through generations have shaped and molded the consciousness of our species.  Mythology: an attempt to use poetry to describe the world around you.  Tales handed down from elders, morals taught around the house involving basic chores and methods of feeding each other have allowed ergonomic lifestyles to prevail even in the harshest of conditions.  Through gaining control and understanding of their surroundings, humans have reduced the fear of the unknown and survived catastrophes.  Even with the promise of technology simplifying our lives, much of the world still struggles to eat and drink clean water.  To understand where we are we must dig into our roots to see where we came from.  How did we get here?

      St8 of The Heart resembles the term : "state of the art" which means : "the most recent stage in the development of a product, incorporating the newest ideas and the most up-to-date features."  One product that at first was thought to be safe and beneficial for society, single-use plastic, has become regarded as one of the worst ideas ever.  Thus, when we decide to value the future / our health, we may weigh short-term gains against long-term consequences.  Question the relevance of new inventions and the motive of their inventors.  Using our hearts to find patience for research and quality. Overall, I am here to exhibit my artwork; visual expression. Because art has power. The world of visual manipulation prevails through advertisements and spams your soul with insecurity and greed. My goal is to spread awareness through a language of mythology. Creating relevant safe havens when possible.

        The newest thing often has the oldest root.  Things that are cheap to buy but expensive in terms of decomposition, labor and process rely on tricky politics and national borders to profit a small number of people at the true cost of tormenting the many.  As laws differ from country to country, risky work habitat, environmental policies and health requirements play a large role in defining "cheap."  As my skills develop within the language of the brush, I strive to release work regarding the human crisis worldwide. The difficulty is to express pain in a beautiful way, for simply raising awareness through blame won’t get us anywhere. As a humanity we must find compassion and positive acceptance to the responsibility of the planet and its people. The Earth is our home.  It is important to be a good planetary host.  Treat your environment with respect.

Painting is Cleaning.

          I look forward to sharing work from the many talented and inspiring people I have been honored to collaborate with.  Musicians, artists, organizers, composers, thinkers and tinkers.  Links to music, a podcast, and a line of merchandise involving mind-opening, inspirational and educational material coming soon.  The tabs above lead you to mid-process shots of a few projects I have completed.  If there is an image you would like a signed physical print of, email me at: YegorMikushkin@gmail.com