What is War?

  I was a cat; I was a dog. I learned to crawl before I walked . Now I flap arms tryning to fly~  it's better to live before you die. The core-door in Coreys corridor.  Coexist even if interplanetary Aliens don't have fingerprints. And it's irrelevant to mention whether they exist, we argue whether Jesus did, instead of studying the script ~ positive global consciousness ~ where's the cue to commence ? Wheres the common sense? Where's the drive to pretend? Enemies are more than friends they're yourself from the farthest of ends.

  Every war is a civil war because all men are brothers ~ There is no "other" there is only us. Why blame a god we don't even trust if we can't see past differences; race, sex , political wars over surfaces.  No depth; No substance ~

Each battle is a battle with self.  Each judgement a cry for help. Imagine how the refugees felt.

The Non-Biased Beatbox

  A box of beats that knows of is and isn't as: Being. Non-dual. Non-time.

  Inability to breathe caused by aging from the seed. Control the breath.  Womanifest startdust thus I need dust.  I knead destiny.  This destination has a location. Probation, detention, death sentence, expulsion. We find ourselvs places near but centers far.  Have no fear, cuz this is art-

  Chilly-flavored hex mix, crossing clicks off check lists.  Renovating stations, hyper-graded innovative patient hibernating patience. Creative native from planet earth.  Community Participating through communication beyond language.

  There's having patience and having patients - as in: Doctor eats the patient instead of waiting in the waiting room - If Doctor can't sell you something-You're not sick

  Reverse psychology - forever educating.  We've been here before. no education, but lecture taken.  Before walking through doors buying tickets to heaven, think twice before repenting sins which are never ending.  Wondering when is armegedon a comin, cuz Im running out of money going hungry - its funny - we got priests wearing silk dripping golf leaf can stay fed and tax-free.  Yet we work to eat, tax dollars pay to stay free while we vote for hell on the streets; Doomed for hell- but who the hell knows how hearts are torn? Memories like matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. The world tastes bitter beyond the void.  Work can be play but what if you're deployed versus when you're locally employed? homeless means the earth is everything- and it has a voice.  Contemplate this: know your perception changes things.  Entire realities.  The world is at your fingertips.  But we sit and accept this shit, no question why it exists~ Persist and make a difference before your body quits.



Reading Poems off Your Phone

  Break free; The only thing forever is: temporarity. Some people are seeds. Cuz everyone is a tree- others are the vines or the leaves , doesn’t matter to me. There is Purpose in all things. A Part to whole relationship tying up seems, Scattered patterns all around yet things are not as they seem. Can't fall asleep when you living in a dream.  Can't walk the streets while you looking at the screen. You cant lose your keys if you're using your feet.  You can't feel lost when you're feeling complete- scattered patterns what you see when you're mental indeed. In death you'll find fear , and in fear you are weak. Now debt is a tool to buyout the unique. Selling souls like shoes with holes on concrete.  You feel the heat during a sunny day and as it starts to rain the pain gives you deja vu as if you recall this heat, different day but same street- already overcome no need to redefeat.  You see? Originality is fading like colored clothes thrown into bleach. Let's think before we speak, all are welcome for speech , there is freedom to preach but having a mouth doesn't mean you're unique, and to follow just may cost you your feet.

  You could buy a pillow, blanket or a sheet but you won’t find dreams in stores because it’s your choice to fall asleep.

  Now, if you believe You conceive realities from syllables that you teach, That ideas are born from minds & through lips guiding feet. Then call out what you see if it brings down those in need. Represent the light in the dark . Sweat, cry, bleed to defeat greed.  Feed on the meat of the elite. Learn to understand before you read. Think for yourself:  Render Devine. Dine and wine with the father of time. Rewind to find parallel time-lines merging besides crimes and fine lines.  Life is but a second, hit or miss distance is irrelevant until you have kids.  Finish lines don’t exist and neither do dead ones.  Bread crumbs. Enjoy the sun.  Don’t run from the darkness if it comes instead, fight using light-pen/sword by your side. Multiply and divide space-time, merge vehicular waves caused by a subliminal haze brought to you in minimum wage as you gaze into a maze more complex and amazing than having enemies for friends, eating with no ends, or simply raising chickens and hens. Cannibalism is a system deeper than the flesh your itching. There is symbolism in self-consumption : mindless self indulgence.  Bulging bellies of the Preta.  Some is more than none. 

  Yo, let me get a drink, I'll trade you for a think. Eat up, before we split to grind upon subliminal suggestions to message a question professing religion: a session of giving.  Digested inquisition, so listen to and learn from the knowledge freely given.  Chakratic suspension, rising like a car in high tide, go far and reach high to divide abstraction.  Universally divine reactions through time.  Lending light to those who don't fade away, nor blend in- but blend out, seeds break open: sprouts.  Persisting throughout multiple existences.  Ascend those instances of pretended instinct biz.  The end is no end for nothing can truly stop if it doesn't eternally exist- without a period of bliss. Rock bottom from the top. Like silence that causes the background Ohm to pop and Hiss with high contrast like the universe is always having kids. Each moment birthing the next. As if the air we breathe too is having sex while we breathe it,  breath by breath.

  The entire world is fucking itself.  No wonder countries are at war over oil bottles on shelves. Everybodies gotta drive somewhere to get help because they never found it within the self.  The local tribe has been eradicated for what? So many roads and high ways yet everyones lost. The seasons represent the original cross. Sun was god and nature was boss, what was dark was useless and what was light we trust. For light feeds plants which in turn feed us.  It isn't that complex but it can be in a bullet vest. It can be with dark hearts in chests. Stay blessed~ it’s alright, no need to be better than the rest ~ you have a beating heart in your chest.


Leaves on a tree; Bee Colony

   Humanity needs to come together.  To be free we need to tie chi together with poetry. Create black holes where pot holes used to be. Hover cars don't stand a chance. Or hover one either. ~ we are one, two and three on the meter. Alphabets & numbers are too difficult for me I use hyroglyohix to express what I see. Fusing lightening with tsunamis creating engines like my job is solving issues not causing problems. Substrate freight train trolling toll booth executive asking for diner tips from the last visit. Can't keep life a secret if demons are speaking to you don't listen; Keep breathing. Dissolving problem-solver life-revolver ergonomic statue molder. supersonic life iconic got the youngest minds now hooked on phonics. Pawn It. Paw Knit.

  Discipline! This life's a dream.  The skies have seams if left untied your dreams will weave.

  Share ice cream cones , wear magic robes,  buy fear from ghosts, boast not the most, coast roads less chosen, steady locomotion keeps the show going.

This New World

   I could get used to it. Nice to know the truth can be proven . Angles are congruent and music is amusing . Aesthetics are only confusing if emotion is the focus, stupid, I mean human. The Potion is devotion of finely exposed notions of to-do lists causing problem solving cues with hyper innovated hues in elevated fumes by my elevator music-flavored halogen-induced Lazer Cupid-hunting boombox rented from the cops cuz that little angel-demon's getting kind of hot shooting at pedestrians with arrows of lust. He's a cute baby so of course we all trust and refuse to find him dangerous but children should not handle weapons let alone be using magic powers that cause maybe the worse the curse of earth: birth which comes with death.  Every life is full of accidents but don't stress, its a test.  Better than eternal rest beyond flesh. Chest beats because duality depends on survival to compete against stagnant stillness. Once revealed it's simple to move into and through that amusing music that I once drew upon this page if you paid attention. Not to mention too much focus can remove your interest so take it all with a grain of salt. Even sweet lines laced with sugar need a jolt of those salty grains,  mang. Ain't too much changed the game is still to dumb to play, the streets are a habit , addiction to blame for the madness. I wonder what would happen if food wasn't controlled , no body was born with pain in their soul, prisons let go of the non violent they hold, houses weren't sold but given to those with no homes; would daily routine shift after this change ? Would it cause peace, revolution or rage? How long would it take to rearrange the days and turn a new page? How much to give before we take? Why do you sleep when you’re wide awake?

Weekends & Strong Beginnings

  Earthquake shake rates combined with the power of orange grapes manifests spontaneous stoned chefs like an easy bake picnic by a lake , causing entire cakes to be held and ate at the same time plate after plate, for petes sake even if religion is fake you can make up for it before it's too late just by feeling great.

Not having fear of things you don't know,

for mysteries solved leave no room to grow.

  Mysteries mysteries what is my destiny?  Curious caverns ; Mountain peeks speak to me.  Please bless my reach as to aim for this bliss. How far is the sky? How sweet is your kiss? How deep are the seas?  How luscious the trees? What makes the hue, man? the human in me? How many hues can together we squeeze like making orange juice, concentrating with ease.  Yellow and blue combine into green : like sunshine and water grow food that we eat. 

  Suspicious nutrition;  False advertised greed. Not money or fame can lead a soul to be free.  Thus nothing external should ever be blamed for actions we take or to those we say nay, for life can be played but it isn’t a game. Be grateful. Take care, and may blessings heal pain.